To be an outlet for the worlds dreams, inspiring or helping each other to realise them.


I am dreaming is coaching 2.0.
I am dreaming is a tool to think about the direction of your life and a tool to remember that direction. That is what most self-coaching is about.
I am dreaming is 2.0 because it is a community, it is not just you and your coach. You can be inspired by the dreams of the rest of the participants of the community, and you can use the site to communicate privately or publically with the other members.

Dream Job

 Finally have my dream job, the culprit of 14 years of professional life. I had to create the job myself by co-founding GenieBelt, a full speed ahead startup consisting of an awesome team (excluding myself ;) ) aiming to change the way construction works. Construction connected is our keyword.
To get here I had to have perseverance, be networking, have high work ethics and always be ambitious and never loose my integrity.
Lot's of fun hours and some not so fun ones got me here.
This is just to tell everyone out there to persevere and believe in themselves, if they don't give up they can make the way to their spot.

My Near Future Dream Job

My dream job for the near future
would involve an equal mixture of:

How to use tags to navigate

Currently there are two ways to navigate using tags.

  1. Select a tag to view all content tagged with this tag.
  2. Go to the tag-cloud (currently somewhat experimental in looks, which is why it is only linked on this faq page).

reaching the dream realisers

While drifting around the net pondering about reaching out
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Dream or whim: GPS and Camera

I don't just have grande Dreams.  A dream/whim of mine is to have a nicely geo-tagged photo album, partly because it's a nice way to organize photos, partly because I would like to contribute back to the WWW community by getting the good ones linked to google maps. e.g:

Snapshot of an area from google maps I explored while dreaming of going to the south pole.

Sailing the Lipari 41 from Copenhagen to Oslo - rescued by SAR Sweeden

As promised on last blog entry on my sailing dream, here's info on my next trip, where we should sail Lipari 1, [LR] from Copenhagen to Oslo.
Start from Copenhagen
the lipari 1 main sail
The trip started out nicely at 18:26 from Tuborg Harbor

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

By I a whim I search for "dream" on linked in (group). That led me to find that a book very much around the idea I have for this site did exist. The book is dream manager by
matthew kelley, author of dream manager.

Taking the family sailing

I have a very strong dream of taking my family for an extended vacation -- cruising somewhere nice with plenty of time for eachother and exploring.
The first image on my iris is something like thisscreen shot from
I guess an image speaks a mio words this time

I want to create a forum where dreams can grow and be realised

I have many dreams, this site is one of them.
sky, copyright lereveilleur
I will use this site to share my dreams with the world, and I hope (no, dream!, of course) that the world will want to share its dreams with me and every body else interested.